Work is something we all have to do and there is no getting around it if you want to continue living and also improve your lifestyle. The most comfortable work boots are sometimes essential if you are looking to work harder and also look smarter. They can elevate your clothing and also ensure that you have a comfortable working experience if your job does require you to be on your feet most of the day.

Since working can be strenuous on the feet and many jobs also require that you need to be in some unforgiving environments, the right work boots will ensure that you can do this with much more comfort and also get the job done with as less pain as possible. If you stick with low-quality boots, you might find your feet being full of pain and also in need of some rest more often than not and this could really have a huge impact on your working performance.

We have decided to look a little deeper at the top work boots and find out how these boots could potentially help you when it comes to improving your job and also the efficiency of your work. We have chosen a wide variety of boots for all sides of nature and these will certainly make life much more bearable and also ensure that all of the nerves found underneath the feet are stimulated and protected.

Comparison of Work Boots

Most Comfortable Work Boots 2018

Steel Toe Work Boots


Steel toe work boots are generally used in an area with danger close by. If your boots are strong, but they do not include a steel toe, abrasions and accidental stuff falling on your feet might really do some damage. The top steel toe boots will ensure that abrasions are eliminated and your feet and toes are fully protected if you do work in any sort of hazardous environment.

​Timberland PRO Pitboss Steel Toe

Timberland is widely known for the quality and the amount of extra time they do invest when designing their boots. Then Timberland PRO Pitboss Steel Toe is designed with this same precision and will definitely keep your feet as protected as possible. The boots have been constructed from durable leather and since leather is rated as one of the toughest materials on the market today, you can be sure that your feet will always be protected and the boot will have great durability.

The boots are 6 inches from the arch to the shaft and this extra length is ideal for you to wear with your stylish longer pants and even your overalls if your job does require you to wear them. The sole is synthetic and this is actually a little more impressive than the average rubber sole you find on most other work boots. The softness will make your feet mold much better and there will not be any real discomfort from constantly wearing them.

We also like the fact that the boots feature an open-cell polyurethane footbed and this will allow your feet to mold on the inside of the boot. The added antimicrobial properties will be essential for those who like to wear the boots a lot and will also allow you have an odor-free boot every day after work. Odors can sometimes be tough to get rid of, especially if the boots are worn every day.

Shock absorption has also been added to the boot and you will be less likely to have any hard impact on your knees and joints. This feature will also help to reduce the fatigue since your job might already be strenuous enough. Furthermore, to absorb moisture, the polyurethane midsole has been covered with a water resistant cover and this will help evacuate sweat and keep the shoes dry on the inside, whilst you are working.

Finally, the Timberland PRO brand has been known for their comfortable collars on the inside and when combined with the lining, these shoes will not cause you any possible abrasions. The solid steel toe will also ensure that your feet are always protected from falling objects in the warehouse, or at the construction site.

Things We Liked
👍 Really durable and stylish design
👍 ​Really affordable
👍 ​Molds to the feet for more comfort
👍 ​Great moisture wicking properties
👍 ​Available in three colors
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Some people have had some troubles with the durability of the outer sole

KEEN Utility Flint Low Steel Toe

Featuring a totally different style than you would expect from most other steel toe shoes, the KEEN Utility Flint Low Steel Toe is designed for the average person with a daily job in the warehouse of even just standing on their feet a lot. This shoe is also very durable and has been constructed from leather and synthetic materials to ensure that you get great longevity from the shoes and have them last you for a very long period of time.

The low cut design on these shoes is also quite stylish and they actually look good with board shorts as well. Many hikers have also chosen these shoes as their go-to brand for getting over those steep hills and rocky terrains. The steel toe will keep your toes protected from any possible bumps and will also ensure that you do not have to worry about getting abrasions as you enjoy the countryside.

The shoes also include a Torsional Stability Shank that will give you some added support as you are busy with your daily routine and working hard. This shank is located in the midfoot and will provide all around support to the entire foot and keep your feet fully secured whilst you are walking. The leather used in the shoes is waterproof and they also do not hold back any water. This means that you could use them for hiking and working in some of the wettest conditions.

In terms of the outer sole, you will find that it has been constructed from a decent quality rubber. This rubber will ensure that you cannot slip and if you do work near slippery environments, this could potentially save you from very hazardous situations. We were also really impressed by the EVA footbed and this EVA will mold to the shape of your feet, which makes these shoes perfect for people suffering from pronation and supination as well.

Clean spot NXT antimicrobial properties have been added and these will keep the shoes odorless and also allow you to wear them without the fear of having any bacteria accumulate and lead to foot problems and embarrassing odors. The shoe is, unfortunately, only available in two colors that you could choose from, but since both of them are dark, they should work with any wardrobe.

Things We Liked
👍 Stylish low cut design
👍 ​​Durable leather construction
👍 ​Great odor protection
👍 ​​Oil and water resistant
👍 ​Slip resistant
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Does not protect the upper areas of the ankles

Caterpillar Second Shift Steel Toe

Caterpillar is one of the top brands that you could find at an affordable price. The brand spends a lot of extra time in designing boots with top rated features and their prices are not too expensive either.

The Caterpillar Second Shift Steel Toe is designed for top quality leather materials, which has been tanned for a shiny and more elegant look. It includes a plush leather collar and this has been lined with comfortable padding, making sure that you need not worry about any abrasions becoming a problem.

The Nubuck outer sole is rated highly amongst those who know rubber and the quality and technology that go into producing state of the art rubber designs. It features a thick lug pattern and this will help you resist slipping and falling in wet weather conditions. Additionally, it can resist oily situations as well.

The inner shanks are also made from steel and while this does come across as a little heavy when you take into account the steel toe that has been added, it offers excellent comfort and support for those with weaker feet. The safety features on the boot are impeccable, which means you never need to worry about feeling pain from your job.

Things We Liked
👍 Exceptional durability
👍 Stylish look and design
👍 ​Comfortable padded collar
👍 ​​Oil resistant outer sole
👍 ​Reasonably priced
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 The shoe is somewhat heavier than the others

KEEN Utility Pittsburgh Steel Toe

KEEN is a true American brand and the brand is not only for the working force, but they also cater for the outdoor lover as well. This is one of the features that makes them special and sets them apart from the rest.

The KEEN Utility Pittsburgh Steel Toe is one of the most comfortable work boots on the market today and they have a couple of impressive features that will make them versatile and ideal for different jobs. Made from Nubuck leather and an impressive blend of rubber in between, the boot stands out as one of the most comfortable as well as durable.

The most impressive part is the outer sole and the outer sole is made from premium rubber, with a unique pattern. This pattern will ensure maximum grip in all conditions and it should help when it comes to keeping you on your feet in slippery conditions. While it might not really help when it comes to ice, oil should not be a problem.

Dri-Lex technology is used for the lining and this keeps out most of the water, but it can also wick away the sweat build-up that is generally a problem when it comes to working longer hours. If you combine this with the excellent ventilation, you should not need to have any problems with hot feet that cause fatigue.

Things We Liked
👍 Excellent durability
👍 Reasonably priced
👍 ​Lightweight
👍 ​​Great safety features
👍 ​Slip-resistant
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Sizing runs a little large

Timberland PRO Hyperion

Timberland is what you would call a true American brand and it is a brand that is loved by many people, not only in the US but in many parts of the world thanks to the comfort and the overall durability that the boot is designed from.

The Timberland PRO Hyperion is designed for all-terrain use and no matter how arduous the terrain seems that you are working on, this boot will hold up well. It is constructed from premium grade leather materials and this features a waterproof lining that will keep any water from causing problems inside.

The dual density footbed seems to work in your favor if you need to spend extended hours on your feet. This will enable you to work comfortably without any hassles and the footbed molds to the shape of your feet. Testing has also revealed that it has the ability to reduce fatigue and keep you going for longer.

We love the inclusion of the mesh lining and this has also been designed with antimicrobial properties, which helps to reduce the amount of odor that is generally caused from sweat and being on your feet for extended periods of time. It means your boots will always look and smell fresh and clean after work.

Things We Liked
👍 Excellent durability
👍 Comfortable to wear
👍 Great safety features
👍 ​​Wicks away moisture with ease
👍 Reasonably priced
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 The boots do seem a little heavy

KEEN Utility Atlanta Cool Steel Toe

As we have mentioned before, KEEN designs shoes for a wide variety of purposes and their shoes generally come off well for more than working purposes to ensure that the user really gets more value for their money.

The KEEN Utility Atlanta Cool Steel Toe features a stylish and sleek design and while it does not look like a work boot and more like a shoe, the shoe has all the features, you would expect to find in some of the top boots on the market today. The shoe is constructed from a combination of leather and mesh and this gives you excellent ventilation and durability.

A non-marking rubber outer sole with unique pattern means that you never need to worry about slipping ever again. The shoe does not require you to be careful in oily conditions and this makes it perfect for factory work. The only real problem is the lack of joint and ankle support, which might be an issue.

EVA is used for the midsole and this is one of the best features of the shoe, aside from the asymmetrical steel toes that should offer you protection, it also molds to the shape of your feet to reduce fatigue and offer a little more in terms of the overall comfort. Those suffering from pronation and supination should find this helpful.

Things We Liked
👍 Excellent durability
👍 Comfortable design
👍 Great safety features
👍 ​​Really affordable
👍 Good ventilation
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Lacks joint and ankle support

CONDOR Idaho Steel Toe

If you are really tied to a strict budget and you need something durable and comfortable that will get you through the job without any real hassles, the CONDOR Idaho Steel Toe is the ideal work boot that you could invest in.

The boot is made from 100% genuine leather and features a steel toe that is specifically designed for comfort and long-term protection of your feet. The outer sole will bind directly to the upper part of the boot without the use of any glue that could come loose and hinder the durability of the overall boot.

While PU might not be the best inner sole, it is really helpful and this has been included on the inside of the boot. The main benefit is the fact that it can be removed and this can be replaced with an EVA sole that should offer you a little more. Unfortunately, the boot does lack some ventilation and this does seem to be one of the only issues.

Things We Liked
👍 Decent durability
👍 Really cheap
👍 Removable PU sole
👍 ​​Really affordable
👍 Slip-resistant
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Lacks optimal ventilation

Alloy Toe Work Boots


Replacing steel with alloy is actually very beneficial and some people might find that steel is a little too heavy for the entire shoe and makes walking more effort. The alloy toe shoes will be decent, but expensive replacement. The alloy can still keep your toes protected, but will be a little more expensive to purchase. This is thanks to the added refinement of the steel.

Timberland Powertrain Sports Alloy Toe

The Timberland PRO Powertrain Sports Alloy Toe Shoes are not the most durable of shoes that you could choose from and the shoes are only constructed from Rip Stop nylon. This is not really on the same level as leather, but it will still be a decent substitute if your job does not require you to walk through all of those strenuous outdoor terrains and on a few of those busy construction sites.

The shoes take the form of a sneaker and this is actually quite welcoming to those who like to dress fashionably casual for work. The shoes will work with most wardrobes and can even be worn without any type of board shorts as well. If you are having a night out with the boys, you can even wear these shoes with your casual jean and t-shirt.

The alloy toe is carefully placed on the inside of the shoe and this will not hurt your feet at all. The alloy is strong enough to keep your toes protected when you are working near dangerous objects, but we do think that the nylon might eventually give in and this could be really hazardous. The outer sole also includes some technology of its own and it features anti-fatigue technology. This will ensure that you manage to stay on your feet for longer periods of time before getting tires, which will be ideal for waiters.

A mesh lining has been included and this has been carefully treated with antimicrobial properties. This will ensure that your shoes never give off any embarrassing odors and no buildup of bacteria will ever be present on the inside of the shoe. For structural support, the addition of a non-metallic shank will keep your feet supported and also add some more resistance to the buildup of fatigue.

In terms of pricing, this shoe is priced right in the middle. We do think that it does lack a little in terms of durability and you might find that buying leather shoe is a little better. The style and the design of this shoe are great and we believe that it is the real selling point of the entire shoe.

Things We Liked
👍 Very comfortable design
👍 ​Lightweight
👍 Decent price
👍 ​​​Good anti-fatigue technology included
👍 Molds to the shape of your feet
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Lacks a little in terms of durability

Timberland PRO 26078 Titan Safety-Toe

You will notice that Timberland PRO is a very prominent brand on our list and it is a very highly trusted brand in terms of creating work boots of decent quality. The 26078 Titan Safety Toe is another great example of their quality and this boot also includes a decent alloy toe to keep your feet protected and to ensure that you need not worry about any abrasions setting in.

The boot is made from durable leather, but it includes a little bit of rubber on the sides. This rubber combines with the leather to not only give you great durability, but also the utmost of comfort when it comes to wearing the boots for hours on end. The most comfortable pair of work boots also include more rubber in the outer sole and this will give you some great protection for your joints when walking. This rubber will also delay the effects of fatigue and you will, be wearing them and standing for longer periods of time.

The boots include a polyurethane footbed and this will make the feeling on your feet much more comfortable. The open-cell feature will allow air to pass inside and you will basically be walking on mostly air to ensure that you do not get any pain from using them. Antimicrobial properties have been included on the footbed and the abrasion resistant lining, and this could ensure that no odors occur and lead to a few embarrassing smells that you would like to avoid.

Finally, the leather is completely waterproof and you will be able to walk through those puddles if you need to. The moisture will easily be evacuated on the outer sole and the rubber, which also makes the boots slip resistant to not only water but oil as well.

Things We Liked
👍 Extremely durable
👍 Moldable footbed
👍 Odor and slip resistant
👍 ​​​​Waterproof
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Relatively Expensive

Composite Toe Work Boots


Composite toe boots are slowly replacing steel and alloy boots and they are slowly becoming the new norm when selecting safety boots to keep your feet from getting crushed. Since no metal is used in these boots, they are ideal for passing through metal detectors and they are also more comfortable to work with outdoors. The composite toe boots are also much lighter and will reduce fatigue.

Timberland PRO Boondock

The Timberland PRO Boondock is designed to make life much more comfortable for you. The boot is constructed from extremely durable leather materials and also features a few spots of rubber here and there. This added rubber will be great for comfort and while the composite toe will ensure that your toes are protected, the added rubber will keep the rest of your feet protected as well.

The shaft measures approximately 6.5 inches from the arch and this added length is ideal for those working outdoors with thorns and bushes constantly brushing past the leg. These boots also work perfectly with longer pants and the stylish dark color will match almost any working wardrobe that you have. A padded collar has also been added to the top end of the boot and this will allow you to have maximum comfort when wearing the boots for prolonged periods.

The outer sole is made from synthetic materials and features great slip resistant properties. This boot has been tested and will ensure that you never stumble or fall on any surface. Including heavy oily surfaces and a few watery puddles that might be present outdoors. We also like the fact that the entire boot has been treated to abrasion and water resistant, and you will find that the leather does not get wet as easily as some other boots.

Much like the other Timberland PRO boots, this boot also includes anti-fatigue technology and this technology will be great for those needing to be on their feet all day. The midsole also absorbs most of the shock that your feet will face during the day and to combat the effect of odor, antimicrobial properties have been included to eliminate bacteria and the build up of embarrassing odors in the boot.

Things We Liked
👍 Extremely durable design
👍 Lightweight
👍 Includes anti-fatigue technology
👍 Stylish design
👍 Waterproof
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Quite expensive

Keen Utility Davenport Mid

The KEEN Utility Davenport Mid is designed with comfort in mind and also to try and save you a few bucks when upgrading your work boots. This boot is constructed from a combination of synthetic and leather materials. The incorporation of the synthetic materials will drive down the price a little bit, without compromising on the durability too much.

The shaft measures about 6 inches from the arch and this medium cut design is perfect for those working outdoors and having to face the elements constantly. The addition of the soft inner collar will help to reduce any possible chances of abrasions and will also make the shoes feel more comfortable from the start. This reduced break-in period will save you a lot of pain at the start.

The composite toes included in these shoes are decent and will definitely work to keep the front part of your feet protected. Since no metal is used in the design, you need not worry about setting off metal detectors and the weight has also been significantly dropped for your comfort. We also like the fact that these composite toes are designed asymmetrically and this will allow you to feel the same in every shoe, without having the composite toe irritate the one foot.

The boots also include a PU midsole for added comfort and this will mold to the shape of your feet and always maintain that same shape on the inside. The outer sole is synthetic and has been carefully designed to be slip resistant against not only water but oil spills as well. This should allow you to wear the shoes in the warehouse and outdoors, no matter the weather conditions.

Finally, the entire shoe is waterproof and will keep your feet dry when walking through puddles. Unfortunately, the shoe will not keep your feet dry when standing inside an ocean or large body of water, but it will do its job on the smaller puddles and keep your feet dry when working. The only thing we do miss in these boots is the inclusion of antimicrobial properties to keep your odor-free.

Things We Liked
👍 Decent durability
👍 Waterproof
👍 Slip and abrasion resistant
👍 Lightweight design
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Little overpriced
👎 No antimicrobial properties included

Carhartt CMF6366

Carhartt might not be one of the most popular work boot brands in the world, but they are making their way to the top with some excellent boots that have proven to withstand the tough things life throws at it.

The Carhartt CMF6366 is one of the lighter boots we have on the list and it certainly features multiple features that should help you with your job. The boot is made from premium leather materials and the rugged outer sole features numerous features and a unique lug pattern that will keep you from slipping.

The Rugged Flex technology is one of the top features they bring to the table and it enables the boot to stretch a little more than your solid leather boots. This means that even if you have wider feet, the boot will adapt and eventually mold to the shape of your feet to provide you with some more comfort.

One of our favorite features aside from the lighter and more durable composite toe that has been included will be the shock absorbing technology and if you have to move through rugged terrains, this offers protection for your joints as well as keeping you from enduring too much pain from jumping. It is great for reducing fatigue.

Things We Liked
👍 Great durability
👍 Rugged and stylish design
👍 Reasonably priced
👍 Absorbs shock
👍 Lightweight
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 The boot lacks some arch support

American Made Work Boots


Choosing a pair of work boots made in USA will always be a daunting task and with so many to brands, it is sometimes only by one or two small features that one does excel above the other. We have chosen our choice for American made work boot and this was measured on absolute quality and durability.

Thorogood American Heritage MAXwear Wedge Non-Safety Moc

The Thorogood brand has been one of our favorite brands for a very long time and while all of their boots are extremely good, we have selected the American Heritage MAXwear Wedge Non-Safety Moc for our choice of US made work boots. This boot is extremely durable and it has been designed from pure top grain leather to ensure that you do have maximum durability and comfort when wearing these boots for a long period of time.

The boots feature an ankle length design and while this design does go perfectly with most longer pants and overalls, there are still many farmers who love this boot for the durability and they still look good when wearing the boot with their farming pants. The boots might not work well with board shorts.

The boots also feature a moccasin toe cushion for your feet and this will help to keep your toes a little protected, while also eliminating any possible abrasions that might occur when wearing these boots. The comfortable inner collar will also keep the feet comfortable and also insulted in the colder weather. You will also find that the inside of the shoe has been treated with antimicrobial properties to help reduce any potential odors that might come forth.

The outsole is white and this is a little tough to keep clean in the long terms, but the rubber outsole is also quite durable and will resist slipping on any watery or oily surfaces. Unfortunately, the boot is not completely waterproof and if you do find yourself walking the swamp areas, you might occasionally have to deal with water coming into the boot.

Another unfortunate downside is the limitations in terms of style and you will only have one to choose from. The colors are also light and sometimes harder to keep clean if your working environment does require you to trek through the muddy plains.

Things We Liked
👍 Extremely durable design
👍 Water and slip resistant
👍 Very comfortable
👍 Decent price for the quality
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Not fully waterproof
👎 Doesn’t stay clean

Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith

Red Wing is one of the top American brands and they have an extremely wide collection of top quality boots. If you are looking for something with an older style from the 1950’s, Red Wing will certainly be your brand of choice.

The Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith is made in the US and it has been constructed from 100% premium grade materials that ensure you have excellent durability to keep your boots lasting longer. It features a Vibram 430 mini lug outer sole and while it is not the best at resisting slips, it is certainly really comfortable.

The high-cut design is what makes the boot unique and the design is also rather slim. This means it will fit a little tight around your feet and your ankles, which could provide you with the ideal support and fit that is needed to move fluently. Thanks to the triple-stitched welt construction, the boot is definitely really durable.

The boot does have a couple of downsides and it lacks a decent inner lining that would have stopped any possible abrasions from occurring. It also does not have any real give for those with wider feet, which means you need to deal with a strenuous break-in period. However, once this is sorted, the boot should be comfortable and last you a very long time.

Things We Liked
👍 Excellent durability
👍 Lightweight
👍 Stylish and fashionable
👍 Offers great joint and ankle support
👍 Water resistant
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Expensive
👎 Strenuous break-in period

Work Boots for Standing on Concrete


Concrete is found in many places and it can be found in warehouses as well as on construction sites. Since concrete does not have any give to it, your feet might sometimes become painful and also take some damage when constantly standing or being on your feet. With a decent shock absorbing outer sole, you could work on concrete with less excruciating pain and more comfort.

Irish Setter 83605

The Irish Setter 83605 is not the most well-known of work boots and it is not the best seller by any means, but we have found it and considered it to be somewhat of a hidden gem that people keep overlooking. This boot is also made from top grain leather and will ensure that you do have maximum durability. The boot has also been double stitched for durability purposes and improves the longevity of the boot.

The shaft measures approximately 5.5 inches from the arch and with a boot opening of 13.5 inches, you should have no troubles sliding your feet inside the boot. The boot has also been treated with a waterproof covering and this covering will ensure that your feet do not get wet and the leather will simultaneously evacuate the excess water to keep the boot dry.

Rubber sole might seem hard, but it is actually very comfortable on flat hard surfaces like concrete. When you combine this with the comfortable polyurethane footbed, the shoe will also take on the shape of your feet and provide you with some decent comfort if you need to stay on your feet all day long.

This boots also takes safety to a whole new level and it has been carefully tested to be safe against electric hazards as well as provide you with decent protection against heat. The only thing we think is missing in this boot is the added toe protection. Since you will most likely be working in hazardous environments, we do suggest that you try and find some sort of steel protection for your toes as well.

Things We Liked
👍 Offers great durability and comfort
👍 Stylish Design
👍 Electric and heat resistant
👍 Waterproof
👍 ​Moldable polyurethane footbed
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Hard to keep clean
👎 No toe protection

Wolverine W02421 Raider

Wolverine is another top quality US brand and they focus excessively on using top grade materials from the US to ensure that the boot is not only durable but meets all of your needs when walking on rough concrete surfaces.

The Wolverine W02421 Raider is designed from premium grade leather and it features a high-cut design. This certainly helps when it comes to keeping things from getting inside your boot and to offer you some additional joint and ankle support for those suffering from weaker joints or have some problems.

The Wolverine Multishox cushioning system is used inside the boot for maximum comfort and it helps when it comes to absorbing some of the shocks that you might need to deal with on tough concrete floors. A rubber outer sole is a little softer and this will help with comfort, while the inner sole generally molds to the shape of your feet quite well.

On the inside of the boot, you are treated to a mesh lining and this will not only help to avoid abrasions, but it has the ability to wick away some of the moisture. It enables air to sufficiently pass through and create some ventilation, which could additionally help to remove any stubborn odors as well.

Things We Liked
👍 Decent durability
👍 Sleek design
👍 Reasonably priced
👍 Shock resistant
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 No steel toe included

Timberland PRO Pitboss Soft Toe

While Timberland boots are generally well-known for all of their safety features and the ability to take some of the strain off your feet, you might need something a little more comfortable that will be lighter.

This is where the Timberland PRO Pit Boss Soft Toe comes in to play and this boot is also designed from premium grade leather materials that provide some of the best durability that you could think of. The leather has also been tanned, which means it is softer and has the ability to stretch to your needs.

The sockliner has been contoured and this means that it offers a little more comfort for your feet when you wear the boots. It is ideal for those struggling with abrasions and it can reduce some of the moisture that is found from sweat in the boots every now and again. The lining also has great ventilation.

One of the best features is the inner sole and this has been made from premium grade EVA. The EVA midsole will mold to the shape of your feet and any users suffering from pronation and supination should find it to be really helpful and comfortable. It is worth noting that they are available in a lighter color as well.

Things We Liked
👍 Lightweight
👍 Durable
👍 Really affordable
👍 EVA midsole
👍 Excellent ventilation
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 The boots are a little large in size

Thorogood Moc-Toe Wedge-Heel Non-Safety

Thorogood is a brand used by many in the US and since the brand is also native to the US, the boots have become a trusted brand and the technology and materials are chosen from the highest quality areas.

The Thorogood Moc-Toe Wedge-Heel Non-Safety is a combination of a work boot and the comfortable moc-toe shoe. It is constructed from premium grade leather and while it does not feature a steel toe for protection, the toe area is quite large, giving you more room for more comfort if you have wide feet.

It features a synthetic outer sole and while this might not be as durable as we have seen some of the rubber outer soles in the other boots, it is still lightweight and brings down the price a little as well. The pattern is unique on the boot and it has the ability to resist any oil and water spills, which means that you will never slip.

The style is the main feature that will set the boot apart from the competition and it looks great on your feet as well. Thanks to the tanned leather design, the boot should work well with any wardrobe and it does not show dirt as easily either, making it a great boot for walking through arduous terrains.

Things We Liked
👍 Durable and stylish
👍 Has the ability to stretch
👍 Includes an EVA midsole
👍 Lightweight
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 A little expensive

8 Inch Work Boots


Longer work boots are slowly fading away, but many people still like to wear them. This is especially true if you work in swampy environments and you would like to keep the bugs and the sharp thorns from getting inside the boot. These boots are also a little more expensive, but they do offer unrivaled protection and we have selected the number 1 longer work boot for your quarry of swamp jobs.

Danner Quarry USA BR

Danner has always been known for the more expensive prices on their boots, but many people around the world are fully invested in the quality and the value of their boots. The Quarry USA BR is one of the top boots that you could choose from if you do find yourself working in the swamps or in some sort of strenuous outdoor environment. These boots have been constructed from premium grade leather and will ooze durability and keep you for multiple years.

The shaft measures around 8 inches from the arch and this is quite large but will offer you some additional protection from cutting bushes and also a few bugs that might try and get inside the boot when you are walking. The heel is also a little lifted and with a 1.5-inch heel, you should not have any problems trekking your way through the swamps and getting your job done. The rubber outer sole is also carefully designed and it has been tested to be slip resistant against water and oily spills on the most slippery of floors. This will be good if you need to walk past slippery and mossy rocks.

The inclusion of a fiberglass shank will ensure that you have decent foot support and since fiberglass is used, your feet will not need to deal with extra weight when walking. To further improve the durability, Danner has also gone so far to triple stitch the entire boot and ensure that you need not invest in a new boot for a long time.

On the inside of the boot, you will find a Gore-Tex waterproof lining and this lining is also quite breathable, which means that you will not have to worry about your feet overheating on the inside of the shoes. The Gore-Tex lining has always been used by military personnel when they need to deploy in those wetter areas.

Things We Liked
👍 Great durability
👍 Waterproof
👍 ​Excellent traction
👍 ​Includes a comfortable Gore-Tex lining
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Really expensive

Pull On Work Boots


Pull on work boots are great for those needing to quickly slip on the boots and get to work, but they might not be ideal for outdoor environments since they cannot be tightly secured like many of the other outdoor boots on the list. Pull on work boots also have a cowboy presence around them and while this following pair of boots might be good for work purposes; we also like them for the style they do show off.

Ariat Workhog Wide Square Toe

The Ariat Workhog Wide Square Toe is one of the odd boots on our list and we still believe that it is worthy of making the list when looking at the most comfortable work boots. This boot has also been constructed from extremely durable leather materials and will be a great investment and since there are no laces that you need to worry about, the boot will not be snagged and have the laces broken whilst you are busy working.

The shaft on this boot measures around 11 inches from the arch and if you are working outdoor, there will be no way for anything to get inside or hurt the lower part of your leg. With a boot opening of around 15 inches, this boot will allow you to stick your overall inside and this is another layer of protection and nothing will be exposed. The large opening is also great for those with wider feet and the square toe will make it more comfortable for your feet on the inside as well.

This boot also features a mesh lining on the inside and while mesh might not be ideal for keeping out water, it will allow some ventilation and keep your feet cool on the inside. Mesh does have some water evacuation properties and will eliminate the buildup of sweat on the inside. The outer sole of this boot is also quite soft and will provide excellent traction. We tried to slip with it, but it will not give in on any slippery surface.

The addition of the ATS technology in the shank will give you decent stability and support. This technology is only used by Ariat in their top boots and this boot certainly ranks among one of their best choices yet. The inner sole is also really comfortable and molds to the shape of your feet, which will make it perfect for those suffering from pronation and supination in the feet.

Things We Liked
👍 Very durable
👍 ​Unrivaled protection
👍 Really comfortable
👍 ​Reasonably priced
👍 Stylish design
Thing We Didn't Like
👎 Does sit a little loose and this might be uncomfortable

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Work Boot?


Work boots are essential as we have already mentioned and we believe you have established and while you might like some comfortable work boots on our list and we highly recommend them, there are also multiple other work boots that you will come across when searching for a pair of work boots. We have decided to create this buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice and get the most value for your money. Here are the top features that you should consider when buying a good pair of work boots of 2018:


Durability is key no matter the type of boot or even the type of work you do. As you have seen, the right work boots are actually a little expensive and it will not be easy to buy them on a constant basis. When searching for a comfortable pair of boots, you should pay special attention to the materials that have been used in construction as this will give you a good idea of the overall durability of the boot.

We highly recommend leather and some sort of rubber for the outer sole. This combination has proven to be really great and will definitely allow you to wear them for prolonged periods of time without showing any weakness.

Midsole comfort

​The midsole is the part of the boot that you will be walking on most of the time and this needs to be very comfortable if you do spend a lot of time on your feet. The midsole can be made from various materials and many of them can even be removed to be washed or replaced when needed. But, you should be looking at the midsole and ensure that it molds to the shape of your feet for added comfort.

We highly recommend that you consider the EVA midsole or the open-cell polyurethane midsole as both of these will mold to the shape of your feet. The polyurethane midsole also has shock absorbing properties to reduce the strain on your legs.

Abrasion Resistance

​The inner lining and the composition of the toe will generally work towards reducing the abrasions that you could potentially get from wearing these shoes. Since many of our jobs do require us to walk a lot, having a good lining on the inside will be ideal for allowing you to reduce possible abrasions. We do recommend the Gore-Tex lining as this will ensure that you are protected from water and keep you fairly well insulated on the inside.

Slip Resistance

​Oil and water spills are extremely hazardous and could potentially lead to serious injury if you are not careful about where you are treading. Having a slip resistant outer sole will keep you upright and avoid a lot of potential hazards that might occur. We do suggest that you pay attention to the features on the boot and find out if the boot you are choosing, does have some backing when it comes to resisting spills.

Protective Toe

​A protective toe is not a necessity, but many jobs do require this and we also highly recommend that you do invest in one of them. Having a protective toe will ensure that your front area of the feet is fully protective, but since steel toes are so heavy, you might want to consider looking at the composite toe work boot. The protective to will also keep the abrasions down in the front end of the boot and these boots are also generally safe for almost any working environment.


​Is the style of your boot important or will any boot design work. If the style is important and functionality is not as important to you, you should be looking at the design of the boot as well. Many low-cut boots will also work, but if you are in construction, the high or medium-cut boots will offer you the best protection. The color is also something to look at and ensure that it matches your works clothing.


​Last but certainly not least, you should look at the brand and find out more about them. If you continue reading, you will find the next section is dedicated to our favorite work boot brands. We generally do recommend brands established and based in the US. These brands are also widely trusted and will ensure that your boot is of the highest quality and made from the best possible materials. The customer support is also very helpful.

We consider these features to be the most important features that you should look at when purchasing your next pair of work boots. While having all of them as well as a trusted brand might be a little expensive, you will find that the price will definitely be worth it in the long run. If you are set on value and quality, we recommend that you follow these features to ensure that you can judge the boots more strictly and get exactly what you need.


People generally gravitate towards a certain brand and if the brand has been working for them, they will continue to use this brand. Finding your brand might take some time and therefore, we have chosen our top brands that you can consider to choose from for your first work boot. These brands are all established and highly rated. They have also been trusted for a very long time.

​Timberland is the most well-known brand on the list and you also might have noticed that we have selected many of their products for our list. The brand has been established for a very long period of time and they always focus on using the best leather materials they could find. One of the main attractions of these boots is the polyurethane midsoles and the lack of a break in period.

These boots are also designed for multiple working purposes, but sometimes they do lack in terms of durability. Many other brands prefer to double or even triple stitch the boots and this does let them above the Timberland brand. Luckily, these boots are not all that expensive and you should be getting some great value for your money.

Caterpillar is one of the leading brands when it comes to designing quality boots that will last you years. Caterpillar boots are also really expensive, but you will be paying for this durability. We have not included caterpillar due to the high price tags, but they are great alternatives to the Timberland brand.

One of the only downsides that you will find in caterpillar boots is the long break in period. Many people do get frustrated by this as it can sometimes even last up to a few months before the boots are sitting comfortably. If you do have the funds to buy these boots and you have the patience to take the pain for a while, you will certainly not be disappointed.

KEEN is a cheaper alternative to the above-mentioned boots, but the brand still focuses on quality. The one major draw we have seen from the KEEN boots is the amount of style and uniqueness of their boots. The boots might not be as durable, but they will work with virtually any wardrobe to keep you comfortable and looking good in your works clothing.

If you are on a tight budget and want a decent working shoe that will be great for multifunctional use, the KEEN brand is really something that you should look into. The shoes might not last you much longer than 1 year or about 18 months if you do put a lot of strain on them, but they are good as a budget option.

Danner is a brand known for their outdoor boots and their boots are generally bigger than most of the other brands. Danner does like to cater for the lumberjacks and the swamp workers and these longer designs will ensure that not only are your feet protected, but also most of the lower part of your legs.

We like the fact that Danner work boots also use high-quality leather in all of the boots and features wider boot opening that will allow you to stick your pants inside. This will not only keep you warm and insulated but with so many bugs and sharp bushes in the swamp, there will be virtually no way for you to get injured.

Thorogood: We like to look at Thorogood as the sweetheart of the United States when it comes to working boots and with the addition of the American Heritage soles, you will have maximum durability and comfort. Thorogood does focus on giving you comfort and also reducing the amount of fatigue that your feet and legs will face when you need to be on your feet for most of the day.

In terms of pricing, Thorogood is great and they are not overly expensive. The customer support is also really great and since the boots have been made from mostly US materials, you can rest assured that your boots will be lasting you multiple years on end. Thorogood is our favorite brand and we do stand by their boots, but, they do lack a little when it comes to style and their boots are sometimes ugly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With a better understanding of boots, you should now be able to easily select the right boot for all of your needs and you should not need to worry about anything that should keep you back. Now you will have all the fact when it comes to selecting the right boot. However, we have found a couple of questions that many people have and we have decided to put in the time to try to answer them:

What is the benefit of wearing steel toe boots?

While steel toe boots might not be for everyone, there are a couple of benefits associated with wearing them. These boots offer excellent protection and while may be heavy, you can be sure that your feet will always be protected from falling objects that might cause some significant damage. This is beneficial in the construction industry.

Composite toe vs. steel toe boots

Composite toe boots are ideal for most working situations. However, they are a little more expensive. The composite toe boots will offer the same amount of protection as the steel toe boots, but with slightly reduced weight, they also lead to less fatigue.

What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

The water-resistant boots are the ideal boots that you will be using if you are not really trekking through wet areas. The waterproof boots are mainly designed for extremely wet conditions and they will help when you work in the rain. Waterproof boots are much better in general, but also more expensive.

Where are work boots made?

Work boots are generally constructed in a factory and they will vary from brand to brand. Most of the top brands are made in the US and they feature materials that are exclusive to the United States and not imported. This ensures the quality of the boot is much better and easier to control.

Do boots come with a warranty?

Unfortunately, much like other clothing items, boots will not have a warranty that goes along with the boot. The boot might have some sort of protection from manufacturer defects, but we have not really seen a boot that comes with a full warranty.

Are the boots true to size?

Boots will not always run true to size and certain brands have boots that run a little larger. This might not be any real problem, but having a boot of the right size is certainly something that you need to focus on. Here is a break down of the sizes of boots and how to choose the right sizing:

  • B – extra narrow
  • C – narrow
  • D – regular
  • E – wide
  • EE – extra wide
  • EEE – triple wide

How to break in work boots?

If the boots are a little stiff at the start, you will need to break them in and this could be a painful process and it will put a lot of stress on your feet. When it comes to breaking in your work boots, the simplest solution is to wear them. There are a couple of other methods that can be used but could also damage the boot.

How to make the boots more comfortable?

Making the boots more comfortable is something we all love to do, but they will be comfortable after the break-in period and this means that you will need to wear them. If the inner sole tends to be a problem, you may remove this and replace it with an inner sole that you feel more comfortable with. EVA is generally recommended.

How to clean leather boots?

Cleaning your leather boots is important and it keeps the durability going. If the boots are cared for, you will find it to last longer. One of the best ways to clean your leather boots will be the use of a leather cleaning product and something that will oil and protect the leather. This should be done often to ensure the boots are in peak condition.

How long will leather boots last?

This will also depend on the quality of the leather and the type of leather. Some leather will last longer, but the amount of punishment you put the shoes through will also play a major part in the longevity of the boots.

Three Tips and Tricks to get the best out of your work boots

During all the years of reviewing and using work boots, we have come across a few tips and tricks that you should try and do to get the best out of your work boots. These tips and tricks will also help to preserve the boots and you could potentially get more longevity out of them.

If no antimicrobial treatment is added, do it yourself – You might not know, but bacteria thrive in sweaty and moist conditions. One of the best features many boots have is the addition of antimicrobial properties to help destroy bacteria. If you do buy a boot and the boot does not have this already added, you should try and do this yourself. This will not only keep the boot odorless, but it will also stop any potential foot fungus and other foot problems from arising.

Keep the boots clean – Like most things in life, keeping stuff clean is really important and this is not only for the inner part of the boot but for the outer part of the boot as well. If you do have the means of polishing the boot, you should do that. The polish will strengthen the leather and aside from making the boot look as good as new, you will also be making the boot much more durable. Many people lose trust in their work boots, but how can you expect something to take care of you if you cannot return the favor.

Buy a new insole to save money on expensive built-in ones – The insole generally comes with the boot, but sometimes this can be removed. If you do find one that can be removed and the insole is not of the highest quality, do not be discouraged. You will be able to buy new insoles from most pharmacies and these will be much better-suited for your feet. This trick could potentially save you a few bucks and you will be able to buy a better pair of work boots.


Buying new work shoes or boots are tough and these boots will certainly help you to get the job done. In terms of recommendations, we would like to recommend the entire Timberland PRO brand and especially the specific range. The brand is not all that expensive and you should get your money’s worth.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we do hope that you have found the most comfortable work boots to meet your needs. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know if we might have missed any of your favorites