Alloy Toe vs. Steel Toe Boots: Which One is the Best?


Steel toe boots used to be the safety champion, but the development of better alloys is making buyers think twice. Alloy toe boots can be very safe and much lighter, too. When I started swinging a hammer (long time ago), steel toe boots were the only game in town if you needed protection from work … Read more

What is a Steel Shank in a Boot?


For your boot to perform its function of supporting and protecting your feet, it needs to have a feature designed to offer optimal support. In most cases, it is the shank that provides such support. The shank of your boot actually refers to that part of supportive structure found between the outsole and insole. The … Read more

Can Steel Toe Boots Cause Foot Problems?


​If you want to reduce your risk of getting exposed to workplace hazards then you need to invest in proper protective equipment – one of which is the steel toe boot. It is always necessary to implement a safety program when it comes to protecting your feet. It is because foot-related injuries are among the … Read more

What Are Steel Toe Boots Designed For?


Wearing a safety shoe is extremely vital when you are in the workplace. Note that around twenty-five percent of the total number of disability claims in the world are caused by foot injuries. That said, safety shoes, such as the steel toe boots, really contribute a lot in helping you perform better at work while … Read more

Ariat Men’s Workhog Wide Square Toe Review


[amazon box=”B002Q8HSYU” style=”WAYL” grid=”1″] The Ariat Workhog Wide Square Toe is one of the odd boots on our list and we still believe that it is worthy of making the list when looking at the most comfortable work boots. This boot has also been constructed from extremely durable leather materials and will be a great … Read more

Danner Men’s Quarry USA 8-Inch BR AT Review


[amazon box=”B00BFZFC7K” style=”WAYL” grid=”1″] Danner has always been known for the more expensive prices on their boots, but many people around the world are fully invested in the quality and the value of their boots. The Quarry USA BR is one of the top boots that you could choose from if you do find yourself … Read more