How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes? What to Look For


​As a worker, your shoes matter a lot as these contribute to your overall productivity and work performance. It is because an ill-fitting and worn out footwear might lead to foot pain, discomfort, or worse, injury, which might cause you to be ineffective once you’re doing your job. With that in mind, you have to … Read more

How to Make Work Boots More Comfortable for Everyday Use


Wearing your work boots every day is fun, but are you wearing them correctly and how should you be breaking them in to make them more comfortable? Since work boots are an integral part of the largest workforce in the world, it should come as no surprise that many people are suffering from foot problems … Read more

Are Steel Toe Boots Bad for your Feet?


Steel toe boots are among those types of footwear that can be categorized as safety shoes. It is due to the fact that they are primarily designed to offer a high level of protection to your feet. Wearing a steel toe boot can actually provide you with a more secure feeling. It is meant to … Read more