Timberland PRO Men’s 6-inch Pit Boss Soft Toe Boots Review

If you are looking for a tough and durable shoe then the Timberland PRO Men’s 6-inch Pit Boss Soft Toe should be on top of your choices. It’s actually one of the ideal choices of many not only because of its toughness and durability but also because of the high level of safety and comfort it is capable of offering.

The work boot even meets the strict safety standards of ANSI while also offering a great traction with the aid of its outsoles capable of resisting slips, abrasion, and oil. So what can you truly expect from this work boot? Read this review to learn more about this footwear.

A Brief Overview

The 6-inch Pit Boss Soft Toe Work Boot from Timberland designed specifically for men primarily highlights extra comfort with the aid of its padded collar as well as its full-grain leather upper. It also provides additional comfort with the aid of its removable and contoured sock-liner.

It features a spacious toe box, which aids in effectively managing heat. What’s good about this footwear is that it can offer protection in various situations. It even comes with an outsole designed to resist abrasion, slips, and oil, allowing you to get more than enough traction when using the shoe in hazardous situations.

It’s safe as it also boasts of its electrical hazard protection. The work boot is made with durability in mind, allowing you to enjoy it for a long time even with heavy and daily usage.

Durability and Safety

Two of the most important things that this footwear from Timberland promises are durability and safety. I am pleased to say that it works as a full-featured and protective work boot. This means that regardless of your specific worksite, you can expect the boot to be able to manage it.

It is even capable of withstanding chemicals, abrasion, and spilled oils often seen in various situations. You will also experience utmost protection from electrical hazards through this work boot. It even features a toe box constructed out of heavy-duty steel, offering more protection from impact and durability.

Timberland PRO Men's 6-inch Pit Boss Steel Toe Boot Review

In terms of durability, this footwear does not also seem to disappoint. It is mainly because of its Nubuck leather construction, which is not only protective and strong but also rugged enough that it can handle the majority of work situations. You will even realize that it is ready to handle even the harshest work environments such as concrete floors.

It also offers superb traction when using it in less than ideal situations. The tread of the footwear also seems to hold up extremely well when used on a daily basis.


Comfort is also another area where the Timberland Pro 6-inch Pit Boss Soft Toe work boot excels. This is particularly useful for you, especially if your job requires you to deal with long hours of work on hard grounds and flooring. With the high level of comfort that this work boot provides, you can work while feeling truly comfortable.

It has a well-cushioned insole. Expect it to be capable of providing proper cushioning at many points, making your job easier. Furthermore, it boasts of its well-padded collar, roomy and soft rounded toe, as well as a removable and well-contoured sock liner – all of which contribute to giving users the kind of comfort they wish to obtain.

Aside from that, you will also notice that its laces make it possible for you to tighten them based on your comfort level – that is possible without binding you up. While it is not waterproof, you still have an assurance of its breathability. The toe box is also large and spacious enough that it can give you the comfort you specifically need.


In terms of support, this soft toe work boot from Timberland does not also seem to disappoint. It is truly supportive while also having an arch and midsole that can absorb shock and impact. This is a major help if you want to obtain all the support necessary to keep you safe in the workplace.

Such support also further boosts the ability of the footwear to offer comfort. Note, however, that breaking it in takes a few days during which you might find the footwear slightly stiff. Once the break-in period is over, though, you’ll instantly notice how supportive this work boot is.

Look and Style

What is good about this work boot is that it also takes pride in its decent style and look. While it is very important to prioritize comfort, durability, and performance when looking for a work boot, it is still awesome to be able to choose a really stylish one. This work boot is stylish enough that you will feel proud wearing it outside.


In terms of weight, this Timberland footwear seems to give users exactly what they want. Note that unlike other steel-toed boots that you can find in the market today, this one is not heavy. It is actually lightweight in the sense that you will never experience fatigue as your day progresses. This shoe will never weigh you down.


  • thumbs-o-upExtremely supportive and durable
  • thumbs-o-upConstructed out of tough and long-lasting materials
  • thumbs-o-upHighly protective as it has the ability to withstand tough conditions
  • thumbs-o-upCan resist spills, chemicals, and other tough and rough work situations
  • thumbs-o-upComfortable, breathable, and totally lightweight


  • thumbs-o-downBreaking in the work boot takes a little time. 
  • thumbs-o-downDoes not have a waterproofing feature


Overall, I can say that the Timberland PRO 6-inch Pit Boss Soft Toe work boot gives potential buyers the kind of footwear that they wish to use in various work situations. Apart from being totally comfortable and truly lightweight, you will also notice that this is a supportive footwear.

In fact, it features a padded collar capable of giving the boot the highest level of ankle support. It also boasts of its spacious toe box, which promotes proper circulation as well as good breathability. With such benefits, it is safe to say that it is indeed one of the most comfortable, durable, protective, and supportive work boot available today.