Wolverine Men’s Loader 6″ Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot Review

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Soft toe boots have become a stable in the industrial industry and since you will not be working with things that could damage your feet as much, these boots are the perfect addition to your working kit due to the lighter weight of the boot. However, finding the right one can be something of a daunting process and since many people do not put much thought into buying shoes aside from the look, you might end up with something you don’t really want.

That is where we come in and we have searched far and wide for the right boot that will give you this total comfort when it comes to buying boots. The Wolverine Men’s Loader 6″ Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot is a boot I spent a long time contemplating over but eventually decided to give it a try and find out if it is the ideal boot for the job.

Read on to find out if this is the ideal boot for you and your work!

Wolverine Men’s Loader 6″ Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot Features

Wolverine is a great boot that has been designed in the US and makes life easier for you when looking for work boots. One of their major attractions is the price tag and these boots are really affordable for the average person to afford. Here are a couple of features that you could expect to find when using one of these boots:


The Wolverine brand has been built on the quality of their materials and these boots are no different. The boots have been constructed from premium full grain leather and the leather has also been tanned to make it last longer and more flexible. On the outer sole, you have a large lug outer sole and this is seemingly larger than most other boots but still soft and comfortable.

While the boots might lack some ventilation and the ability to wick away moisture, they are ideal for cold weather conditions. On the inside of the boot, you have a padded collar and this collar is designed to offer you the utmost in terms of overall comfort. It also eliminates the chances of ever having to deal with those stubborn abrasions that many seem to suffer from.

Inner sole:

On the inside of the boot is not much that will blow your feet away, but the boot is still rather solid on the inside with a decent footbed and a PU midsole that can be removed. The PU midsole is not the best option, but it is still decent if you do not have any foot problems. For those suffering from foot problems, you will have the ability to replace the inner sole with an EVA midsole if needed.

One of the main features is the Goodyear welt construction and this enables the boots to fit perfectly tailored to your every need. This will give you a custom fit as well and should someone else try your shoes on with a different walking style, the shoes might not be the best for them and they might have some discomfort.

Additional Features:

This boot does not really excel in terms of additional features and you will only be graced by some of the basics. The taller design is certainly something that will be handy and this will enable you to walk in more environments and have the top end of your ankles protected as well. It also offers you some additional support from stepping on uneven surfaces and accidentally slipping.


After receiving these shoes, I did not care much for the style and the style is definitely not the biggest draw. The one thing that caught my eye is the full grain leather and immediately signaled some great durability. I tested the shoes in numerous environments and also walked through some water to find out if the shoes are waterproof and how they will hold up.

Unfortunately, the shoes are not fully waterproof and from time to time, you will have water peering through. Thanks to the larger outer sole, this is also neutralized with the additional height and you could easily step over puddles. The white color also seemed somewhat like a problem if you love clean boots and you will need to wash them often to keep them this way.

The thing that I found to be most appealing is the fit of the boots and yes, these boots do fit like a glove without any additional sizing needed. They are perfect for wider feet and with my wide feet, I did not feel constricted in any way. However, it is worth mentioning that they have a small break in period that you need to deal with, but this will be over before you know it.

The one thing we would recommend changing is the inner sole and while PU does keep the price to a minimum; it is not the best option that you could choose. We would highly recommend EVA if you are looking for decent comfort, but if you have the money; memory foam will be your best option in terms of quality and comfort.

Pros and Cons

Having a great boot is something we all strive towards, but like with everything in life, you are bound to deal with a couple of drawbacks as well. Knowing these drawbacks beforehand will enable you to decide if the boots are for you or not and this can help you save some money. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of these boots:


  • With the full grain leather construction, these boots are extremely durable and this will make them a great long-term option.
  • The large rubber lug is slip-resistant in all forms of the word and you will have the best experience walking on those slippery surfaces at work.
  • The padded collar on the inside is designed to keep you warm and while it does not wick away moisture, it could help you avoid any potential abrasions.
  • These boots are extremely affordable when compared to most of the other similar designs and brands. This makes them the ideal investment for anyone.


  • Unfortunately, the boots do lack some additional features that could have been useful.
  • The PU cushioning is not the best and should be replaced if possible or uncomfortable.

Final Verdict

While not the best boots I have ever tested, these boots will certainly do the trick if you are in the lower end boot or simply looking for something affordable to get you started at your job. These boots will definitely do the trick if needed and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality new boots.

We would definitely like to hear more about your comments on these boots and if you have had the opportunity of ever using them. Please let us know in the comment section if these boots are for you and if you would consider them a great option for other users.

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